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Battery Issues

Battery Issues

Since late November 2012, the battery in my LG Viper doesn't hold a charge.  It seems to be getting worse as yesterday I had to charge the phone 3 times.  Sometimes the battery will last about 5 hrs but most of the time it lasts betwen 2-3 hrs and then I have to recharge.  I have been to a Spring store and they tell me nothing is wrong with the battery - ha!

Is anyone else having this problem?  Does anyone know of a fix besides buying a new battery?  I haven't even had the phone a year!!


Re: Battery Issues

Hi lyndall71354,

I can tell you that you are not alone.  I have 4 of these phones in my family.  The phones have had all sorts of problems.  Most of them are minor nusances, but still inconvenient all the same.  I suppose you get what you pay for.  These phone where free with our new plan.  When they work, they are actually decent phones.  I find that you cannot have too many applications running at the same time.  In particular, having the GPS on along with the regular radio that makes phone calls (through the cell towers) and the wi-fi radio (that connects to hotspots/routers), and the Bluetooth radio (that connects to your wireless headset or speaker), and the NFC radio (that let's you use your phone like a credit card at some retail terminals), you can drain your battery pretty fast. 

The GPS for me has been the main culprit.  That thing draws a lot of juice.  It's a pain, but I try to make sure I have the radios that I am not using powered off.  This involves (1) going into various system settings and switching them off manually and then remembering to turn them back on when you want to use them.  There is the (2) short cut bar at the top of the screen (the Quick Menu, I think its called) where you buttons assigned to these radios you can push to turn these radios off/on.  (You might have to go into the settings for this Quick Menu to get all the buttons to show up that you want.)

Also keep in mind, these rechargable batteries don't last too long.  By that, I mean, with regular use, I would expect that after 9 to 12 months (or sooner), you are probably ready for a new one.  That being said, I know this particular phone has been problematic as far as the battery getting way too hot.  The happens especially when too many of the radios are on and are actively in use (i.e., the GPS receiver is searching for a signal constantly when there are no satellites with line of sight to the phone).  So, in my opinion, there is already an inherent design flaw if the battery is getting so hot that it is just short of burning your skin.  With that, I would expect is life to be shortened even more so.

My recommendation (and I'll be doing this myself pretty soon) is to get a new battery.  You might even want to try an aftermarket battery.  You'd be surprised what you can find on places like Amazon for very reasonable prices.  Just make sure the product you choose has many good reviews and is compatible with your phone.  That usually keeps me out of trouble.  If I locate a battery that I think will work, I'll post back.  Then, I'll post again once I have it and have used it for a while.  Good luck.

Kind Regards,



Re: Battery Issues

I get the same thing with my phone with the battery getting hot. I have a thing that tells me the battery temp and it can get into the ninety degree range and thats when you want to stop using it for a moment or so. But the battery life for my phone still seems almost perfect. Never had battery life problems before. Try shutting down apps that your not using so there is less ram being used. Also remember people, its only a 1.2 ghz dual-core phone. So give it a break.

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