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Does any one else have these problems?


Does any one else have these problems?

I have had the Viper for 5 months and I continue to have these issues:

  • phone is hot to the touch, especially when charging (replaced battery still happens), has overheated and had to shut off and pull out battery
  • randomly restarts self (around 7:30 pm each night)
  • will turn itself off (fully charged) and won't turn back on until connected to charger
  • keyboard won't respond for several seconds, then won't respond to touch and types crazy things
  • keyboard jumps around and types things double for example tytypetype even though only typed the word once

I have had the phone checked multiple times, they found nothing wrong and up-to-date.  It now has Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and things seem to be worse.  I am really getting tired of the phone doing these problems and would love a solution.  Getting a new phone is out of the question for two years. Thanks!


Re: Does any one else have these problems?

I just got this phone less than a month ago and am having similar issues, mostly with the lagging and locking up. Overheating hasn't been an issue but the lagging and locking up is making me so mad! I love the little things about this phone but the fact that it hangs when trying to open things is driving me nuts. I am working on talking to Sprint about the issue.

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