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Frantically in need of help

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Frantically in need of help

My touchscreen light sometimes goes off and I either have no way to disconnect a call but to remove the battery or it will go off and I can't push any numbers when I'm on a call with the dozens of needs to "enter my selection". I've tried adjusting display and light setting as well as have called Sprint TWICE about it already. Since it doesn't do it all the time I can't figure out what else to try. I love the phone otherwise but this is NOT acceptible to me. Please help!!

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Re: Frantically in need of help

Hello doctortjf, while the screen is off do you see no change if you swipe your finger in front of the proximity sensor, or press the power button? Most androids will react to proximity sensor, if the proximity sensor is what turned off the screen,  and will react to power button if the screen timed out.

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Re: Frantically in need of help

Usually it is the case or a screen saver that has been improperly installed over the sensor that detects when phone is against your face.  I would recommend taking any of these off and see if your problem is corrected.  If not backup device to google or sd card and do a factory data reset to see if this solves the problem.


Re: Frantically in need of help


I DID have some sort of monster screen protector on my screen so it wouldn't break as one did on a previous phone I had. I looked up where the proximity sensor is located and cut the protector off of that entire area and it seems to have corrected the issue. Thank you SO much for your help. Like I said above, I love the phone except for this and now it seems to have been corrected. I am truly grateful!

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