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Issues with LS840ZVK


Issues with LS840ZVK

Since upgrading to ICS from GB, here are a list of ongoing issues I've had. I've talked to someone in your repair department, but the response I got was "weird"...that much I've figured out, and I think most of you will agree. So far, I haven't found any other phone online with these issues, and was hoping someone could help me out.

Under Language & Input, selected is "Android Keyboard, English (US)", but my in-phone dictionary uses the Queen's English. For example: Instead of Color, it tries correcting it to colour. Mom isn't in the dictionary by default, but mum is.

I can't add a mord to the dictionary with an apostrophe in it. Example: My daughter's name is Vada (which I can add), but if I want to type something like "Vada's backpack is heavy" then I can't save "Vada's".

I have had a LOT of calls bumped. I was told that it was the network. Either someone needs to come to my town and fix the circuits, or there's something seriously wrong with the phone. I get at least 1 voicemail per day without the phone ringing.

GPS turns on and off at will. Tonight was the last straw, and that's why I'm writing now. I ca start navigation, and everything work fine. Or I sometimes have to restart it to get the GPS to turn on when I start navigation (rarely I have to restart twice). But tonight, after a couple of minutes of telling me where to go, the GPS would drop. Then I have to restart the phone, and go back to the address.

"Caps Lock" isn't available when typing.

That's all I can think of right off. If there are more, I'll add them later.



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