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Worst Phone


Worst Phone

Does any one else feel that this is the worst phone they have ever encountered?

Nothing seems to work right and it just seems like a rushed, garbage product.

Won't be going back to LG.


Re: Worst Phone

I agree. I actually sent mine back.

This was LG's 1st LTE phone. You would think a company would take some pride in their work.

It lacked ICS, which still baffles me, since ICS has been out for quite some time.

It always got hot while charging.

The camera SUCKED, my cheap little nikon point and shoot can take better video then the cell phone could in "1080p".

Call quality was horrible, person always sounded muffled.

Build quality was horrible. Had 1.5 weeks in pocket with nothing else. The battery door finish was wearing off.

To be honest, I agree it was a rushed product. LG could of taken the time to make a KILLER phone, but it chose not too. I won't be going back to LG either.


Re: Worst Phone

I agree, I jumped on the promotion for getting the phone for free, quickly checked out the tech. specs which seemed lovely. Until I actually started using the phone.

A- The lack of ICS and lack of even confirmation that the phone will be receiving ICS baffles me as well, especially since other carrier's version of this SAME handset have already gotten it.

B- OVERHEATING/BATTERY LIFE - Gets extremely hot, im talking 120 degrees F. I've gotten popup warnings that the phone is overheating and to replace the USB Charger.

C- Battery door looks nice, but is cheaply made and flimsy.

OVERALL: I'm going to be looking to get it replaced asap.


Re: Worst Phone

I have never had a problem with the Viper, not one.

Call quality is way better than the Evo 4G i had before it.

ICS will be coming to the Viper before the end of the year, all LG smartphones made in 2012 will have it, it might even get J.B.

Never had a problem with the camera or video play back.

Battery does get warm while recharging but i have never had any issues.


Re: Worst Phone

I agree with dlweihs I switched to the LG Viper from an HTC EVO 4G as well and the Viper is so much better than the Evo. In fact, I had so much problems with the Evo (extremely poor battery life, constant low memory problems, slow launch screen) that I will never buy another HTC product.

I will say though, that I have experienced the battery getting warm while charging, and just yesterday I received a hi-temp warning while the phone was mounted but not charging, in a windshield mount in my vehicle. The temperature issue would be my only concern though at this point. 

*editted for typo


Re: Worst Phone

I dunno about the original 4G, as it's been a while since I've had one.

The EVO 3D had very good call quality, and was much better than the Viper. Look up professional reviews for the Viper, they all say something along the lines of "muddy call quality".

Although the EVO 3D was not a good phone (never getting HTC again) it's build quality was much better than that of the viper. I've dropped the EVO 3D from ear height onto concrete 3 times, 2 times from pocket height, and many times from knee height (not on purpose lol) not once did the side casing have any kind of damage. No dent's no scratches.

I droped the Viper from 24 inches onto cement (fell out of pocket while sitting), and it put a dent, not a scratch, not a nick, but a DENT in the side casing of the phone.

This is because the phone is made out of "recycled plastic". The plastic they used is of low density and does not handle drops as good as a high density plastic such as the one used on the side casing of the EVO 3D.

Another dent happened to the phone when it fell out of my hand onto my cordless landline phone. Height was around 6 inches, and it was plastic falling onto plastic.

I owned the Viper for 2 weeks, and it was in my pocket (with no keys, coins, etc) all the time it was not in use. The finish on the battery door had already started to wear.

The original design for the Viper called for a textured black plastic battery door. This would wear much better.

So I can say without a doubt, this phone is not durable.

Also, the camera sucks; my 4 year old, $99 special Nikon P&S camera in 480p mode takes better quality video than the Viper in "1080p" mode. Also the video is very dark, it's almost imposible to use in low-light situations.

The battery was always warm when charging, the only time my EVO 3D when into overheat is when I acidentally left it in my car, otherwise it never has overheated. Overheat occured numerous times on the Viper.

This is due to it's charging system, it's charging the battery at too fast of rate, causing the battery to overheat. A lower mA/h rated charger would of solved this issue.

Also, this was LG's FIRST LTE PHONE, and they could of took control of the market EASILY, but they chose not too. Android 2.3? Get real, most new smartphones have been released with 4.0.

If they would of made a phone with a largish touch screen (4.3"+), with a HD Display (another almost standard feature on new releases), with Android 4.0, with a DURABLE casing, with a better charging system, and with a DECENT camera, this phone would of been a killer.

But...they did not. They chose to make a mediocore product, and now they are reaping their whirlwind.

This is my 2nd LG phone, and I was not impressed. If your looking for a new phone, my advice is to stay away with HTC and LG entirely, and stick to Motorola or Samsung.

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