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gingerbread zvd


gingerbread zvd

Im sure ics 4.0 will be just fine when released, but I'd like to have the for gingerbread just incase there is flaws. When I got updated to gingerbread on my optimus s we had to downgrade back to froyo. Even after the fix on gingerbread I still ended up downgrading back. So my question is can we please have the gingerbread Just think of how many people would save the headache of having to call sprint or go in to the store if this has glitches...cmon sprint, I know ya wanna..


Re: gingerbread zvd

In order to downgrade  , you'd have to be using methods that Sprint will not support. The ansewer to a question such as this you may or may not find on outside android forums, not sprint itself. When they push an update, such as the last, it was partially a " security fix", They do not support downgrading, but you may do what you like with your phone, just don't expect sprint to provide you with a downgrade .zip to flash in your custom recovery. =)

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