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is there an extended battery?


is there an extended battery?

Has anyone found an extended battery that works for the lg viper 4g lte. Meaning that it gets alot better battery life and not a small amount?

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Re: is there an extended battery?

Hi, gopherman089.  I just ordered one of these extended batteries (includes new extended back cover that is needed to accommodate it). 


I'll post back my experience afterwards, but the reviews look good, so I am willing to spend what is to me small money to find out.  I am so tired of having my phone run out of battery by mid afternoon.  I also don't mind the phone being thicker if I can use it for an entire day.  I'm also tired of having the battery get so hot it nearly burns my skin.  From my experience, that occurs when too many of the radios are on at the same time (i.e., GPS, WIFI, NFC, cellular, especially GPS) .  Don't know if an extended battery will run any cooler or not.  Anyone else tried this one yet?




Re: is there an extended battery?

It does look like a nice battery. Hope it works. Let me know what happens.

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