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several Viper issues


several Viper issues

My wife and I both have the LG Viper. Hers seems to have lots of issues that I don't notice in mine.

1. Both of our batteries are pretty bad, but hers drains close to twice as fast as mine does. I use my phone a lot more during the day than she uses hers. but most every evening, hers shuts down due to a drained battery.

2. If someone sends her a text message that is large enough to come in two parts, she never gets the second part of the text.

3. Since receiving her phone she cannot connect to our home wifi. she can connect to other wifi just fine. I've checked that she has the right WPA code put in. Everything else connects to the router just fine (including my phone) Even though her phone status says "obtaining IP address" I don't see any signs of it even talking to the router. I've tried changing the WPA code and get a security error right away so somewhere in there its talking to the router. I really doubt it's something wrong with the router since everything else connects without issue.

Any help will be appreciated.


Re: several Viper issues

Thanks for posting. Sorry that you are experiencing these issues. On your wife phone, can I have you check the application manager? I want to make sure that she does not have open applications that are running in the background. To verify this, from the home screen select tap the menu key, then scroll to and select settings and select apps, then all. Scroll through and select a desired app and clear data. For the two remaining issues, I would suggest calling into our technical support department, as both issues might need indeath trouble shooting steps.

Morris L.

Sprint Social Media Care


Re: several Viper issues

1.) Try resetting modem and router to get IP addresses reassigned. That has helped our family and our many devices.  Was able to confirm through ipconfig /all at the DOS prompt that two devices where assigned the same IP. Once one connects, the other is disallowed due to IP address already in use.

3.) To conserve battery, confirm the wife is keeping off the radios (gps, nfc, bluetooth,) that are not in use. I know I have to repeatedly check on my honey.  Could also be that she is in a spot with spotty coverage and the phone spends more energy searching for service.


Re: several Viper issues

Thanks for the help guys. The battery issue must be an app I havent identified yet. Anytime her GPS radio is enabled it's searching for a signal. I'll keep looking through her apps until I find the one that is constantly try to use the GPS.

Her wifi issue may have been the IP conflict described above. After resetting the router a few times, she was able to connect.

I'll give tech support a call about the text problem.

Thanks again!

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