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App Cloud installed things I didn't give it permission to install


App Cloud installed things I didn't give it permission to install

If you're encountering App Cloud for the first time, I don't recommend using it - and while I've rolled it's updates back, I'm quite annoyed that the Disable button is in perma-gray mode, because it should be removable. It gave me a bunch of useless suggestions, based on nothing but gender and age group, and then when I gave it permission to install JUST Netflix - because I hadn't gotten around to it yet on the G8X I picked up a few hours ago, Instead it installed Netflix, TikTok, PlutoTV and something called "BetterMe." And no, those were not pre-checked, but even if they were it wouldn't matter - I unchecked everything that was checked by default in the process. I used to work in IT security, I know perfectly well how to handle a "let me throw this in too" installer. 


It also appears to have installed some kind of "mobile installer" app (which also can't be disabled or uninstalled), which blocks the apps it's installed from linking directly to their Play store listing, to get more information on the app. Therefore I didn't just uninstall the extra apps, I uninstalled Netflix too. I don't want some weird 3rd party app controlling my installation of something that I only keep in case I'm ever stuck out of town overnight; which happens maybe once every other year. 

Quite obnoxious behavior, for an app that cannot be uninstalled or disabled. 

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