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Attempting to upgrade has been a disaster


Attempting to upgrade has been a disaster

I have four lines for my family, two adults, two teenagers. I wanted to upgrade my line as well as my wife's. She wanted a iPhone and I thought I'd try the new LG V60 ThinQ Dual Screen. 

 The iPhone and LG phone were both ordered at The iPhone was perfect out of the box, however the LG phone couldn't ever make calls, and only on occasion receive calls or send/receive texts. I spent 6+ hours on chat troubleshooting the phone, in addition to several hours that I've spent speaking to reps. Also, I made a 80 mile round trip to a Sprint Corporate Store because the rep on the phone said everything can be fixed there, they can even exchange the broken phone! But, this was NOT the case... as one of the reps I had chatted with or spoke to on the phone had pressed  the "RMA RETURN KIT" button(or whatever the process is).  Because of this, the store reps told me I could pay for the LG phone AGAIN, as my initial purchase payment was refunded already(by the way it's 7-10 business days->plus the holiday). 

 So, at this time,  I have to use the old phone one of my kids were using before I gave him my old phone...Sprint's refund of my purchase money is out there somewhere.

 Oh, by the way, one of the reps cancelled the contract on my wife's new phone too! my bill shows me charged for two phones outright, with no mention of any new upgrades...

 On top of this, my phone was shut off this morning...and when I asked a Sprint rep on chat, I was told that this was a result of my request!!!! So after the last two hours of chat I've been able to get my phone turned back on..... but have no answers on where my refund is.... when I'll get a new phone...why couldn't the corporate store exchange my phone....or if anyone really gives a $hit about this whole situation which stems from one issue: I WAS SHIPPED A PHONE THAT DID NOT WORK.

Sprint Social Care

Hey, i'm here to help! I'll send you a PM so we can start working on getting this sorted. 


so I've messaging you, and another Sprint rep that private messaged me too...

I'm still getting nowhere...I grow tired of repeating the situation. I can see why people "just give up" and accept the BS that is served to them without ever questioning it.

Long Story Short: I bought two phones from One was broken out of the box. I've spent six to eight hours troubleshooting with Sprint reps before someone FINALLY said, Hey I think your phone is broken. Phone rep tells me to take it to a Sprint Corp Store, they'll exchange the bad phone for a good one. I do this...its nearly 40 miles ONE WAY. The Corp Store says I can have a new phone...if I pay for it again! By the way, I spend nearly two hours there before I give up and say to the, "just give me my **bleep** SD card and I'll leave"  Their reply, " you leaver this phone here and we'll consider it 'abandoned' ". OMFG. So I take the phone back with me to my car...only to discover that they took the SIM card out! I go back and get my SIM card from them, it's handed to me...I have to ask them to put it back into my phone.

 Currently I writing this diatribe because I think other people should know what happens when a merger happens and everyone blames everything on it.

 There's so much other garbage that's happened after this, but I've run out of patience.


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