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Final Impressions of LG V20 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Final Impressions of LG V20 - Sprint Product Ambassador



 I have really enjoyed my LG V20 over the last couple of months and believe I will leave this as my daily carry. The phone has been very solid and one of the best I have had from LG over that past 9 years writing about their phones. LG is very customer focused and have kept the things customers have asked for like removable battery and microSD card. The LG V20 has the 3.5mm headphone jack that has been removed on other phones that were released before it. There are several things though that stand out with the LG V20 and I have written a couple of other articles on them.20170104_110500.jpg

 I was lucky to obtain a pair of B&O Play H3 ear buds from my mother-n-law when she ordered her LG V20. The LG V20 with these ear buds provide excellent sound for those that enjoy listening to music. These earbuds take advantage of the 3.5mm headphone jack still available on the LG V20. Keeping the headphone jack is another one of the things the sets the LG V20 from some of the other phones out there today.Capture.PNG

 When LG launched the LG G5 it was not launched with an app drawer. The app drawer was add as an option later through a software update. Once again LG listened to their customers and made the app drawer available as an option through the phone settings. Out of the box the app drawer is not enabled, although it is real easy to enable the app drawer through the phone settings. Go to Settings > General > Apps > Menu > Configure apps > Home and select Home & App Drawer.20170124_1139022.jpg

 The feature I take advantage of the most on the LG V20 is the second screen. This is not only a great feature to have.... this feature provides faster access to the apps and tools used the most on the phone. LG provides several options through the phone settings to add and remove apps, tools, contacts and more. This another way of personalizing the phone to operate the way you want it.Capture.PNG

 Now this one is not an LG feature and a personal preference. I add a case to every phone and tablet I own because I never know when I or someone else might knock my phone off the table or counter. My Spigen Rugged Armor has already paid for itself when it was knocked off the kitchen counter on accident onto my brick floor. Spigen is my favorite OEM and first place I check for a phone case.


I have been really impressed with my LG V20 and my mother-n-law has been enjoying hers.


Looking for more information on the LG V20, please visit LG V20 site or stop by a Sprint store to check the LG V20.




Your Sprint Product Ambassador team

Disclaimer: I am NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped or answered your question, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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