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LG G8 Thinq Connectivity issues


LG G8 Thinq Connectivity issues

I recently upgraded to from the LG G6 to the LG G8 either late September (19) or Early October (19).  I have been receiving the "unable to establish a wireless data connection. LTE: ESM - 65536 APN-x.ispsn" error.  


First time I called about this was October 18:

Tech wanted to send me a new SIM card to address the issue. Well, that didn't work. 


Next time was October 22:

Tech advise that an exchange was necessary and exchange was order on October 23.

That didn't work either.


Next call was on October 26:

Tech determine it "might" be a network issue. After collecting all sorts of data from my phone, she advised that I will be hearing from the Network team soon.


Finally, November 4:

Network tech called and advised that a repair was ordered and COMPLETED near my area and wanted to know if my services were improved.  I asked when the repair was done, and he informed me that two and half hours before he called me. I told him, I was busy and wasn't on my phone to even notice and didn't know they were repairing anything near my area.  So, I couldn't say whether or not my issues were resolved. 


Now, today November 5:

This afternoon, I kept receiving the same error.  And called once again, and the individual just forward me to the "order support" to buy another phone? I'm frustrated!!



Whether or not I'm connected to Wi-Fi, I have issues with connectivity.  Now I do know and UNDERSTAND that Sprint DOES NOT TROUBLESHOOT 3rd party apps, I'm only using these as an example. 


Previously, I was using the LG G6 for a little over 2 years. No issues with network or Wi-Fi. Since the upgrade to the LG G8 - one of two things happens:


1. Straight out of the box, set up was the same as I had previously done. Activate online, then on the phone. Set up backup and personal settings (as usual). But I noticed that when I was on Wi-Fi, my connection was weaker than it was when using the LG G6. And when using apps I was using on the previous phone, ie: Snapchat, Amazon Music and some links off email, stopped working. When I tried to upload a snap photo or video, it would take a long time and resulting in a fail. ONLY when I turned off Wi-Fi would they work, no issues. When I tried to access Amazon Music, it would try to connect for a while and then it would say, I have no internet connection (Wi-Fi was always connected).  When clicking links in the my gmail, the links will fail and say that I have no internet connection (Wi-Fi was always connected). To which it was suggested that my Wi-Fi issues weren't "Sprint" related. So, I was advised to reset my Wi-Fi connects with my service provider. (Which I did numerous times, still issue exist).


2. When turning off the Wi-Fi, I would receive the "unable to establish a wireless data connection" error. I did the standard power cycle, factory reset, forget network, etc. with all tech support.  Yeah, the error would still happen.


This simply CAN'T be my Wi-Fi service providers issues, because I can access the same apps on or off Wi-Fi on the LG G6.  Currently, I am using my old LG G6 on my secondary line.  But when the phones are side by side, only my LG G6 shows "LTE" connection.  


I feel like, I shouldn't have to keep rebooting my phone or turning settings off and on just to get it working for a short period. And the last representative I spoke to, did absolutely NOTHING and just sent me to "order support" to shell out more money for a new phone. 


Note: I paid a fee upon the first attempt to upgrade. Then was charged another fee when exchanging the "faulty" phone on the 24th. I shouldn't have to pay for another phone again. 


I know your technical support is VERY busy, but it's so frustrating having to hold for a representative for more than 30 minutes only to just be told to buy another phone. I just don't know what to do anymore? I've been a long time customer (since 2011 +) and never had this big of an issue.  


Has anyone else had this issue? And have they just been blaming 3rd parties for the issues? Because I'm testing this with 2 Sprint LG devices.  Only one of which, works. 


Thank you for your time in advance!



Side Note:

Please DON'T tell me to go to a Sprint store. I don't live near any. 

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