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LG V20 LS997 APN Issues


Re: LG V20 LS997 APN Issues

@Lgv20sprintuser wrote:

I am experiencing the same issue...

Was the issue resolved..

Nope. I tried a lot of things. I switched phones for now. I still think that it could be as simple as a new unblock from Sprint because on one of the hidden menus I believe it says my phone is locked to sprint. 

But, I've made requests for a new unblock and have no idea whether any of them were actually followed up on. I'm also hoping that it'll be corrected at the next software update. 


Re: LG V20 LS997 APN Issues

@OldGreg_Sprint Can you try the unlock again? Nothing ever changed on my phone and I'm still locked out of it.

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Re: LG V20 LS997 APN Issues

moookie  - Hey there. Let's take a look at the device Please send us a private message with the MEID of the device and the Name on the account last associated with the device. 

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