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LG V20 unlock

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LG V20 unlock

I need help from a Sprint representative to get my phone unlocked. Like many others I have spent hours on the phone with Tech Support trying to convince them that even though their system shows that my phone is unlocked, it hasn't gotten the message. This seems like a common problem that they need to be trained on.


Please help. From reading the solutions on this forum it seems that I need my phone to be re-locked, and then unlocked again for it to receive the unlock code. I understand (now) that the phone must remain powered on with a Sprint SIM card and connected to Wi-Fi until the unlock has processed. This was not made clear to me during the original unlock request.


Re: LG V20 unlock

I can take a look to see what I can do. PM me your imei and account info. We can get started then.

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Re: LG V20 unlock


It didn't seem to work at first. My Sprint SIM card became locked the day that I requested the re-unlocking, and after confirmation from Sprint that it was complete, I tried selecting Unlock UICC but only got an "Authentication Error". My wife's phone is still on Sprint, so on a long shot I activated my phone on her account using her SIM and that did it.


To anyone having this issue, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE OR TECH SUPPORT! They don't know how to re-send the unlock signal. I spent about 10 hours on the phone over 4 different days (encompassing about a week) trying to explain this to them and trying every suggestion that they had. The Sprint  representatives in the Community forum know how to deal with this issue and it's relatively quick and painless (They say 1-2 days, but mine was overnight).


If you have already ported out your number, and you get an "Authentication Error", you may need to find a way to activate your phone on the Sprint system temporarily, just to enable the phone to communicate with the system when you push Unlock UICC.


Big thanks to KRow32_Sprint, Penguin_Sprint, and QueenK_Sprint!


Re: LG V20 unlock

Can you please help me as well.  My sister got the phone as a gift ffom a Tv show fimling of jimmy fallon show .  So it was given free and clean. No payments on the phone.  How do i go about unlocking it .


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Re: LG V20 unlock

That's awesome, that she got to attend the filming of that show. I'm happy to check the eligibility of the device. Our unlock eligibility includes being active on the Sprint network for 50 days, no financial responsibility, and knowing the previous owner's name. I'll send you a private message to get the phone's IMEI.





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