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LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

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LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

Hello All,

I've posted before about the V40 & lack of s/w updates from #Sprint but really got no traction.

1: What is up w/ VoLTE? Every other device is getting it, why are we still on "Calling Plus"? In addition, when using CP, you lose HD voice so the already bad audio quality is just oermaperman stuck in "bad".

2: From Reddit, it appears the Sprint version has a unique battery draw consuption issue, with NO ONE at Sprint acknowledging this & it appears there is "no help on the way" 

3: The software updates LG has released for the Cameras, Sprint has not pushed through. 

4: Modem Performance: Subpar when compared to any other Sprint LTE-A device, my data speeds are terrible (No, it's not just my unit." It appears to not do any Carrier Aggregation past two channels and it has a hard time parking on Band 41 .


This is a fantastic device which is hampered by Sprint firmware issues. Is there any insight other than the boiler plate nonsense anyone can provide?



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Re: LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

Hi Mike. A few comments below. 


1) VoLTE is currently in soft launch where we are testing to make sure the network and enabled devices work together appropriately. While we are in soft launch we are still working on technical issues that could cause a poor experience with VoLTE. Also, be sure to check out the following thread concerning Calling PLUS. As a note: Please be advised every device will not receive the update at the same time.  There will be a series of deployments over the course of several months.  Please check the respective discussion board for your device to receive details and date of software updates. 




2 & 3) We aren't aware of any battery issues with the v40 and the software release date for the camera quality was 11/13/18. The version is V405U11a.


4) Shoot me a PM I can get some account details from you and we can open up a ticket for the data issues you are experiencing. 




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Re: LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

Hi @OldGreg_Sprint! Thank you! Will PM now! 🙂


Re: LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

Also having BIG issues with this phone. Since the most recent update, my volume barely works. Doesn't matter if its on speaker or not, cannot hear a **bleep** thing. 

Re: LG V40 Issues / VoLTE

HI Joynoel1223! The phone was working just fine before the sw update, correct?

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