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LG V40 ThinQ - dilemma that NEEDS resolution now !


LG V40 ThinQ - dilemma that NEEDS resolution now !

I have 2 LG V40 ThinQ phones on my account .. both now have the Oct 2019 Security Updates for Oreo !! Sprint, you posted that Android Pie would be released to our devices by end Q2 2019 .. that would have marked it around the June 2019 time frame. Here it is now December 2019 - and NOTHING .. no updates from Sprint or LG regarding why this has not been delivered. Sprint is the only carrier (in the world) that has not pushed Android Pie to the LG V40 ThinQ devices.


Why ??


To put Sprint on the spot here .. here is the delivery dates of ALL carriers worldwide for Android Pie on the LG V40 ThinQ:


Aug 2, 2019 - V405EBW20A - India

June 21, 2019 - V405TA20g - T-Mobile

June 19, 2019 - V405EBW20A - Europe

June 17, 2019 - V405QA20a - US Unlocked

May 24, 2019 - V405UA20a - Verizon

May, 2019 - V405UA20d - AT&T


Through reading all postings in this Community, I found that the only thing that is supposedly holding this up, VoLTE ! .. 4 of the 6 listed above have VoLTE - what is sooooo different with Sprints VoLTE that neither Sprint or LG can get it to work ? Is Sprints network so outdated (CDMA) the reason ?


LG and Sprint should feel lucky that this phone even has VoLTE capabilities .. my other phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 .. doesn't have VoLTE at all !!!!!


Lastly .. now that the (so called) merger between T-Mo and Sprint has been approved .. is the service to your customers still going to be the same ? Non existent, no information, staff not updated etc etc ?


So come on Sprint .. WE WANT ANSWERS


Re: LG V40 ThinQ - dilemma that NEEDS resolution now !

I'm not sure how accurate this is but supposedly will FINALLY be released this month. My question is what's the point now? They should have scrapped it and began working on 10. I loved the phone but gave up about 3 months ago and got Sprint to let me upgrade early. Thank God. The V40 will probably never see 10 or if it does will be the last quarter of 2020. It really is a shame they could not have the decency to give a real update months ago. Good luck.


Re: LG V40 ThinQ - dilemma that NEEDS resolution now !


Re: LG V40 ThinQ - dilemma that NEEDS resolution now !

Yeah the problem is the phone is still a year behind unless by the grace of God they are working on 10 at the same time. I doubt this though. It was a shame because I really enjoyed the phone. But I've moved on. So the V40 will be on 9 while the V50 & G8 will have 10 probably by end of January at the latest. Anyone that can get out of their V40 contract I'd suggest you do it.
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