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LG V40 VOLTE not working


LG V40 VOLTE not working

I have a lg v40. For the last 5 days I've been unable to use my data while on the phone. Prior to this volte worked on my phone. I never turned it off. When I go to my settings it's still on. I called tech support and was instructed to do a number of things : restart phone, update prl, and update profile. It's still not working. I would also like to add my sister lives over 300 miles from me and she is experiencing the same issue with her phone(Samsung Galaxy 10 plus) and she has sprint as well. Prior to this volte has always worked for me since I first started using it a year ago. The volte icon no longer shows up on my notification bar like it previously did. When I go to my settings, volte is still turned on. 

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Re: LG V40 VOLTE not working

if both of you are on the same account then its possible something happened in your account or something..if she isnt on the same account then the issues wouldnt be one and the same because both of you would be on completely different towers and grids...



out of curiosity...does it happen to come back once you leave the area by say 10 miles or does VoLTE stay shut down no matter how far you travel?


and what phone does she have?

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