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LG V60 thinQ device unlock app


LG V60 thinQ device unlock app

I have a sprint lg v60 thinq.  The device unlock app on the phone tells me it is unlocked and can be used by any carrier.  Any imei searches i have done ( there have been many ) come back that it is clean and not blacklisted.  I bought it from a third party who does not have previous accounts info and neither do i.  No account info No msl code.  But why would i need the msl code if device unlock app is telling me it is unlocked and imei is good.  I can use phone on at&t sim but in limited capacity but all other carriers are locked to me.  It is also not sim locked.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sprint Social Care

Good morning. Allow me the chance to take a look. Can you provide me with your IMEI number for that specific device? 

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