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Lg G8 $150 rebate still not delivered ?


Lg G8 $150 rebate still not delivered ?

Hi everyone, I have a quick question. A while back, I bought a new Lg G8 from sprint, upon buying it, I was told if I spend $75 dollars in accessories,  I would get a $150 gift card. Long story short, I did that and filled out the online form. They sent me a confirmation email saying my card would arrive in 8-10 weeks, that email was sent April 12, I still have not received my gift card,  its been more than 10 weeks, what is going on? the email domain that sent the confirmation email is inactive and I am not really sure what is going on. If this is a scam, why is spring advertising such thing ? What can I do ?


It is not a scam. I was looking into this, and found that it was a LG promotion at the time you got it. I am going to list how you can get a hold of them. They have a website at,  you can call at (877)504-7509. Go give them a shout, and let us know if it doesn't work out or does. We love to hear feedback. 


thank you, I will give that a try and let you know




Have you had any response from LG to your inquiry about the virtual pre-paid MC for $150? I sent an e-mail, and they responded very quickly. However, the response was not entirely great considering it has been right at 10 weeks from the time I submitted my qualifying information on May 15th.


"Your submission entry is currently still undergoing the verification process." "Once the account has been verified you will be sent an email update containing a link to activate your virtual MasterCard."


Hopefully you had better luck!


Thanks for sharing this info with us TechTrooper. It's greatly appreciated. 


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easy to have amnesia when it comes to a promo that wasnt even theirs in the first place 😉

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