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Lost the remote? No worries LG V20 has you covered- Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Lost the remote? No worries LG V20 has you covered- Sprint Product Ambassadors

lg-v20.jpgI have 3 kids, one of my 3 kids likes to hide things!  Mostly remotes!  I am currently missing my TV remote, it has been almost 1 month since it was last seen!  This is very frustrating.  Just when I thought I found my daughters hiding spot for things, she moved it to an undisclosed location.  Now you think I could hold out she will get tired of being a remote and she will give the remote up!  NO, she once had a remote for 3 months which is too long to wait so I purchased another remote and only a few days after I purchased that remote did she give up the old remote.  So what can you do buy a universal remote so she can hide that or use your kids as a remote and tell them when to switch the channels and turn the volume up, this only works when there awake and well when there in bed you become that walking remote.   But good thing my LG V20 has a built in IR blaster and quick remote, in just a few seconds I can use my phone to do all the functions that my tv remote did!  Setup is easy you select what you want to control the manufacture of the device and simple test to insure its working and you now have a remote.  Also they have different setups for areas like bedroom and living room so you can setup multiple areas with different devices.


















If you are saying well good thing my kids don’t hide things well here’s a second reason this feature is great.  I was at a birthday party and the party was moved from a Saturday to a Sunday, well that may not be a big deal but it was NFL Playoff Sunday and my team was playing!  And the hostess didn’t want people watching football while at the party so she took the remote for the TV.   Well I had my V20 and quick remote fix that and watched the game, no one was going to keep me from watching my team get beat!  The best part is she couldn’t figure out how the TV kept getting turned on and the sound getting turned up!  So I watched my team get destroyed no need to say who they are and frustrated the hostess, which is a win in my opinion!


Thanks for reading!


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Re: Lost the remote? No worries LG V20 has you covered- Sprint Product Ambassadors

i use this bad boy all the time..TV remote ends up further away than your phone and that lazyness kicks in?(UGH!...WHO KEEPS PUTTING THE REMOTE 4' AWAY FROM ME??? *grabs phone since its closer*) yup..snag up your phone and change things up lol...i however would take something of hers and keep it until the remotes started coming back.your new toy is missing? will probably come back once the tv remote comes back..lets hope nothing else of yours ends up missing (insert evil look on your face are the parent after all..being slightly evil from time to time is our given right..pretty sure its a law somewhere"
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