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Software Update: LG V20 ver. LS997ZVC

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Software Update: LG V20 ver. LS997ZVC

LG - V20 (LS997)

Software Version: LS997ZVC    
Release Date: 1/30/2018  
Method: Available Over the Air  
Hardware Version:      


Android security update


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Re: Software Update: LG V20 ver. LS997ZVC

I have the LG V20 on the Sprint network. I just did the Oreo update today. Our plan cycle just restarted on July 28th and my boyfriend texted me today to let me know that I've used like 3/4 of our data just since July 28th?!?! Although we don't get charged for going over it's frustrating because we get slower speeds. I obviously did the update while at home connected to our WiFi and not mobile data. Could this update have had anything at all to do with this sudden jump/increase in my data usage!? Thank you in advance!


Re: Software Update: LG V20 ver. LS997ZVC

That's definitely weird. I would be more than happy to look into this for you. I'm going to private message you so I can get some more info.


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