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Software Update: LG V40 ThinQ - Android Pie

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LG V40 Pie Update... still waiting.

Like most I'm still waiting on the Pie update which every other carrier pushed out months ago. They have even pushed it out to G7s & V30s.  I had the V30 on sprint and had VoLTE a long time ago. The G8 shipped with it. Why is there such anan issue of this is really the problem?? The hardware in all of these phones while not 100% the same is similar. If it's such a problem just remove it from the Pie update and push it. Android 10 was just released and this is completely unacceptable for a flagship phone. I've had Sprint since 2000 and have never been this upset with them for just ignoring their customers. We deserve some kind of update other than it will be listed here. This page still doesn't list the August security updates for the V40 or the G8. So saying to check here means nothing to me since it's not updated in a timely manner.


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Re: LG V40 Pie Update... still waiting.

We definitely get the frustration. Some of us use the V40 and the G8 as well. This isn't an issue of Sprint maliciously holding back an update. It wouldn't make any sense to deny our customers the ability to update their phone. LG and Sprint have to work together to get these updates out the door. Testing has to be done on BOTH sides to ensure that there are no incompatibility issues on either end. As much as we want our customers to have these updates, we also know the importance of getting an update that works and isn't broken. We are working with LG to get it released and in a working state as soon as we can. 


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Re: LG V40 Pie Update... still waiting.

Sorry... to me this isn't a good enough answer. What is the hold up? If it's just volte remove it from the update and push it at another time. If I took my car into be fixed and they just kept saying we are working on it but need more time I would become suspicious. Why is it so difficult to give a reason for the lenthy delay? I have a hard time believing it is taking months to fix whatever the issue is. Are they planning on skipping 9 altogether now? Just saying working on it for months sounds like bad excuse. 


Re: Software Update: LG V40 ThinQ - Android Pie

Then what Sprint should do is release the Android Pie update, minus the VoLTE feature and work on that in there own time .. once corrected, roll it out as an OTA (this is what a smart company would do).


My Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5" T597P just received Android Pie today .. 2 months after all the other carriers, and THAT doesn't have any features that would hold it up !


Re: Software Update: LG V40 ThinQ - Android Pie

so you want them to remove the VoLTE ability and go back through all of their testing to make sure removing it didnt bork anything up making it take even longer to receive it?



the answer was given on the first page on when exactly the agents in here receive ANY info on a update..including this one.

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