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Software Update: LG V40 ThinQ - Android Pie

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Software Update: LG V40 ThinQ - Android Pie

Where is the Android 9 Pie release for our LG V40 ThinQ phones ?? - last update received was back in March 2019 !!

This is pitiful Sprint - especially since other carriers are already releasing Pie for there V40's !!!

100 REPLIES 100

Another update today which isn't Pie.

[complaint would appear here, but the censors would just delete the post.]


Yep .. again, pathetic.


Sprint should allow ANYONE that has a V40, upgrade to the V50 for FREE because this sham. 4 months out and still .. NOTHING !!!!

Journeyman there fellow V40 think Q frustrated user!


This is the latest info I can find. Seems like our version is in the final testing phase. Article Dec. 2 2019. About Midway down is our phone update info.  Looks like Sprint completed their part & LG is testing it now. As always, the promise of "soon" is the usual joke! Here's the article link: see above.


Now, don't get all excited, I've read on xda developers site, this update may not be all that special. One user, other network, had several complaints. Could be a one off, but, the thing he mentioned that caught my attention,  that not all the new pie features were included, and he had WiFi scan issues, being limited bands.





I received this the other day so it looks like Jan 3! Mine is the only Android on the account with this feature and it's a V40.

Important Notification

Regarding Calling PLUS Service Decommission

Our records indicate your account is using Calling PLUS, a service that provides simultaneous voice and data (LTE Calling Beta) and the ability to place voice calls over Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Calling). Your device will soon receive a software update that will remove Calling PLUS and replace it with a similar feature called VoLTE (Voice over LTE).

Here are your options for the system update:

  • Accept the System Update – this will permanently remove Calling PLUS from your device. The replacement service of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will be installed. VoLTE provides the same simultaneous voice & data capability as Calling PLUS. The Wi-Fi Calling service will continue to allow your device to make and receive calls over an available Wi-Fi connection. If accepted, you will NOT be able to go back to the previous version of device software.
  • Postpone the System Update – Calling PLUS service will remain active. Calling PLUS users may want to choose this option. However, you will NOT be able to postpone the update indefinitely. Your phone manufacturer may require an update for your phone in the near future.

I received the same message.  But, when I emailed Android Police website, they asked me to let them Know if and when it does happen. And what kind of update it ends up being. They don't generally have lots of LG news. Big Sammy following. So, we'll see.



Well I can't believe it but I have received 9 Pie.

As have I!!


Long lost Android Pie for Sprint has finally been found...Now how long before Android 10 show's up? Any thoughts?

Why yes I do have thoughts on that question.


It will likely show up after the warranty ends, or the battery is about done, or likely Never!

But I'm fine so long as they keep quarterly security updates. 


The best feature today, is VoLTE ! Finally, you can talk on phone at the same time as using internet. Be sure to enable it in main device settings.


How do you enable it on lgv40 I can't find it anywhere please help

Settings, Network, Voice Networks

Unfortunately that didn't work 


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