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Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?


Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?

Please read part of the Yelp review I am sharing below about my initial customer experience and your company's total failure to help me get my phone working because you don't seem to have any sim cards at any stores in the SF bay area for a phone you sell online :

I lost my phone the other day from another carrier and it seemed like a good time to switch. So I hiked out to this store from Fruitvale BART for a 1:30 pm appointment (I don't drive).

It took hours to fight through just about every obstacle/bug that Sprint could put up to keep me from becoming a customer. I had to fill out the application info like 4 times. I was approved for credit then they lost all my info and we had to start over.

Other Sprint reps on the phone asked unanswerable security questions like "Which of the following was your license plate on your car from 1986?". Then they asked if I had lived at any addresses with myself essentially (using just my middle and last name as if it was another person).

After having my application initially denied by an incredibly rude phone rep because of these public records errors that these poor store guys had to deal with, they finally asked me security questions that were possible to answer and I thought I was going to have a working phone again after this ordeal....

...but unfortunately, in all that time waiting nobody at the store thought to confirm if they had an actual sim card that fit my phone which is an LG V30+ that Sprint sells (I bought from a third party online and brought to activate service today).

So the Alameda store directed me to either Emeryville or San Leandro which were "corporate" stores they said. They assured me both would have sim cards. I was stupid enough to think they verified that too. I can't exactly call them to confirm myself without a sim card in my phone can I?

I hiked from the South Shore Center to Fruitvale BART and headed to the San Leandro location on Marina BLVD. When I arrived I was bluntly told they didn't have ANY sim cards and had been sending customers to other stores all day they told me.

They also said the Alameda Store wasn't even a "real" Sprint store even though it has the exact same logo out front and everyone is in Sprint gear at both stores. So how do customers tell which store is which when they all look the same online and in person?

When I got home, I tried to call the Alameda store using my neighbors phone to find out what was going on and they said I should call back after they call the Emeryville store (which I could do myself). When I called the Emeryville store they put me on hold until they closed at 7pm and then hung up.

I tried to call Sprint direct from a friends phone, but they only offered to give me addresses of stores I could have looked up myself online or to ship it to me later this week which will be too late. Phone and chat reps can't access store inventory nor call them on your behalf.

You just can't make up nightmares like this. Who knows when or if I will ever get a sim card for a phone they sell online still but can't seem to support after they sold me service I can't use.

You guys tried hard at the Alameda store but in the end made two huge critical errors that left me hanging even after I told you I had no car and would have to hike, bus and BART to other stores (not checking to see if you had a sim card first and then failing to confirm there were any sim cards I could use at either store you directed me to).

I need to get this new phone working by Monday for work so I now have to waste my whole Sunday tracking down a sim card after I worked 84 hours this last week.

I want to publicly thank Sprint for ruining my entire weekend and my initial customer experience so spectacularly beyond even my low expectations for cell carriers.


Re: Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?

Ps. Even though my phone is active...but useless without a sim card....I still cannot even sign up on the main Sprint web site (but can on the Community without my account info).

"Hmm... The number you entered doesn't seem to be valid. Please check the number and try again."

That's what I get when I try to create a new account using the phone number your company activated and says is valid.


Re: Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?

Cherry on top....


Manny the manager of the Emeryville, CA store just yelled at me for not understanding why nobody can explain why Sprint stores don't have any sim cards apparently....telling me rudely "Look man. We don't have sim cards Man."

How unprofessional is that from a company that doesn't seem to deserve my business?

Wow. I am in shock.

No wonder you are losing so many customers and need to merge with T-Mobile.


Re: Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?

Day 6 with no service and counting.

Sprint's "solution" to this fiasco is to order and ship sim cards to the customer....instead of stocking their stores with them or shipping them to a store near me like any other reputable company would have done.

Sprint also thinks it's also a good idea to ship them during the week when most people are working during normal delivery hours.

Somehow Sprint has the same sim card coming to me from FedEx and UPS on different shipments now that I keep missing because I am busy working during the week like most people.

They also decided to restrict the shipping options so I can't pick them up at the shipper's main facility at night after normal delivery hours and they won't allow UPS to deliver it to an Access Point near me either.

How am I ever going to get a sim card from Sprint to get the service I paid them for last week working?

At this point the only reasonable solution I see is to go to their competition.


Re: Sprint New Customer Fail :: No LG V30+ Sim Cards?

So I was able to sign up for service with T-Mobile in 20 minutes flat on a meal break from work today! (One Plus plan). The extra money is worth it for the immediate jump in customer service quality. Their monthly fee includes any and all tax and surcharges too.

T-Mobile stores have plenty of sim cards of all sizes (including the nano size LG uses for this model). It turns out that my LG V30+ model LS998 actually acts like the US998 model when it is unlocked from Sprint specifically which makes it compatible with T-Mobile's much faster and better network that is still growing.

Sprint went out of their way to drive me into the arms of their competition. They got exactly what they deserved.

Good riddance Sprint. Your company deserves to fail.

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