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Sprint Product Ambassadors: LG V20 Camera Review

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassadors: LG V20 Camera Review

I get to use a lot of phones, and probably my favorite part is the camera.  It’s so nice having a good camera in your pocket wherever you go.  There are sites out there that test or measure camera performance, and that’s all well and good if you like to take photos of test patterns.


Of all the phones out there, my favorite camera setup is the three cameras on the LG G5.  The main rear camera really is the best all-around camera on any phone in my opinion.  I was looking forward to the awesome audio capabilities of the LG V20, and was hoping that they would leave the camera alone from the G5.  It’s just that good, that there isn’t much point in changing anything about it.  Fortunately, that’s exactly what LG did.


The thing that’s remarkable about both the G5 and V20 is the second rear camera that’s ultra-wide angle.  The resolution on it isn’t as high as the main camera, nor is the lens as distortion free, but it’s really cool to have that flexibility when you need it.


The main camera can be used in its native 4x3 16 megapixel format, or in a cropped 16x9 12 megapixel format, among other lower resolutions.  Normally, the classical compositional opportunities that 4x3 affords makes it worth it to leave it at its default setting.  Of course, you can use it in auto mode with or without HDR, and full manual mode.  While the manual mode is awesome and is useful sometimes to get the photo just the way you want it, I find that the auto mode is really well done, especially with HDR turned on.  Most cameras tend to overexpose in auto mode, in fact, most cameras don’t even have a manual mode at all.  The LG usually gets the shot right even in auto mode.  Because it’s using an advanced colorimeter like the one in the G5, white balance is as accurate as you will get on a smartphone.  Rarely do I need to change white balance because it’s just so spot on.  The laser auto focus system LG employs is fast and accurate, even in the dark.


I really could go on and on about it, but instead, here are some photos I took with it.  The first one is from the main rear camera using the 16x9 crop factor, and reduced for this web page.20170116_114629_HDR.jpg


The next photo is from exactly the same spot but with the rear-mounted ultra-wide angle camera.20170116_114633_HDR.jpg



The next several photos are with the main rear camera.20170117_191238_HDR.jpg20170116_140913_HDR.jpg20170116_140317_HDR.jpg20170116_134850.jpg20170116_134638.jpg20170116_140558_HDR.jpg



The front-facing selfie camera takes brilliant photos, although the built-in software can be a bit aggressive in smoothing out details.  You end up looking like you are wearing two cubic feet of foundation.


Of course, LG kept the triple photo feature that simultaneously takes photos with both rear cameras and the front facing camera, creating a collage of the three photos.  Probably good for vacations.


Trust me when I say this, the G5 and the V20 have the best all-around cameras out there right now.  If your main thing is photos, there is nothing better or as good out there.  You owe to yourself to stop in your nearest Sprint store to check it out for yourself.  It really is that good.20170116_140344_HDR.jpg

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