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Time to dump the LG V30+ and Sprint leases.


Time to dump the LG V30+ and Sprint leases.

Well my lease is ending on the LG V30+. I diffidently would not buy out this phone. This is the first phone I have never kept. The phone is actually good, the support from LG and Sprint is as I say useless. LG can build a phone but they have the worst track record with releasing OS upgrades which yes do provide additional security protections. A flaky  security update process. This particular phone has been outdated since it was released. A new phone with an outdated OS on release should have been a warning. As I say it's the dumb leader the dumber. If LG does get it together like Android 9 Pie, then Sprint will probably never provide the again outdated software., more than a year old version. I mean if Sprint can't get the V40 update out for a over year old OS, then what do you think the V30+ is going to get. I decided I will never own another LG phone. I also decided I will never own a phone that is leased and that the updates are dependent upon Sprint to provide.


I will pay for my service, but you don't have a right to hold back security and OS updates to try and increase the sells of other phones.


As I said LG is dumb and Sprint is even dumber when it comes to taking care of there customers.

I would rather have a throw away phone, then a phone without security protection and quality updates.


Your post pretty much sums it up for LG owners on Sprint.

Yeah, this post does sum up the reality for Sprint LG owners. It's unfortunate because I have been with Sprint for 20 years. Last year I decided to try the LGV40 after years being a Galaxy user. With Samsung, updates were timely and I could upgrade every 12 months. 

What I am really upset about is I didn't realize I would not have an annual upgrade with LG. So I have spent a year with outdated software and security only to find out I have to wait 6 more months with it. 

Sprint needs to understand this is an issue costing them loyal customers and damaging their reputation. All Sprint would have to do to keep me as a loyal customer is allow me an annual upgrade. I would lease a new Samsung or IPhone from them. Instead, at month 18 I will not be under lease or contract and will choose the carrier with the best deal.

Ironically, the annual upgrade is what keeps customers under lease and with Sprint. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing me to sign a new lease but instead ride this one out and be free to walk.



you were able to upgrade yearly due to the Galaxy forever deal..much like the apple special deal.. LG does not have one in place with Sprint

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HHA knows what his upgrade option is. He like many other customers who bought the LG phones from Sprint in good faith. No one agreed to a outdated cellphone throughout it's entire life span. Like I said LG has it's problems, but Sprint is holding back on updates that are available to push sales. How's that working for you?


Oof, that's a spicy take. Unfortunately, it's maybe a little too hot and could use some backup explanation. Sprint isn't holding back updates from customers. I'm not here to point fingers, because the process of getting updates out to customers relies on both the manufacturer and the carrier to properly test any new updates. 


It starts with the manufacturers getting the newest OS updates working on their devices before pushing those updates to the carriers for testing on the network. Once the carriers get those updates, we gotta test and make sure that they don't fry the device on the network. If that manufacturer has a history of taking their sweet time in getting updated releases out... well then there isn't much we can do about it other than wait to get the latest package for testing.


There are plenty of sites where you can find more info about the manufacturers who aren't the best about releasing timely updates for the latest Android patches/security fixes and OS updates. This isn't just a Sprint issue, it's an issue across all the carriers those manufacturers sell their phones through. 


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OK, I know LG is slow getting updates out. Sprint has now had almost 6 months to release the LG V40 update. All other major carriers to include your soon to be mother T-Mobile has released it. If Sprints propriety software they throw in doesn't work then why punish the customers.


LG V30 has been released by two major carriers already in the US to include T-Mobile.


Testing I understand but who do you think you are fooling?




Not when it's been available on all other providers for LG phones.

This is absolutely a scam to get us to buy new phones.

I just want the update so I can get updated apps that have dark modes. I work overnights, dark mode is crucial for vampires like me.

Not only have I been a loyal Sprint customer, I'm a loyal LG customer. Sprint is doing us wrong. If we ever get 9.0, by that time, everyone else will be on 10.0.

I hate that I have to switch providers just because Sprint refuses to roll out software updates!

BTW your mobile site is terrible. You'd think a cell phone provider's website would be less buggy for mobile users! Unreal.


I hear ya ayedee25. As soon as we get the update to issue out, we send them out. At this time no new info has been given regarding this update. But you can stay up to date on all updates for you phone at:


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Cat, that doesn't really answer us. Why is the update available on other providers for LG phones, but not Sprint?

I'm sure you understand that we obviously can't speak for other carriers. We can only work with what we get from LG. It doesn't make any sense to punish our customers and not give them the OS updates. On the same token, it also doesn't make sense to release a broken build to our customers that bricks their phones or causes major issues with functionality. Saying that it's a tactic to push new phones is a fun theory, but easily invalidated when you look at the rest of the Android phones that Sprint offers and the timeliness of their OS updates as we get them from the manufacturers who are putting the focus on making sure they work right and kicking them out the door to us. And no, we don't care what kind of phone you have because there isn't some kind of ploy to get you to buy another manufacturer's device. Sammy, LG, Google, Apple, etc, it's all the same to us. We want you to be able to use and enjoy your phone, but we can only work with what we got. 


Plain and simple, we can't release what we don't have. I get the frustration, but please understand and hear me when I say that this isn't a personal attack against LG users or some sort of tactic to get you to buy a new phone. If we don't have a working build, we can't release a working build.


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If you are failing to release the OS, why not issue LG customers discounts to upgrade to the newer LG that has the new OS?

You have to give us something to keep us as customers. You have to understand how we feel- robbed, and jealous of our family, friends, and coworkers with their updated OS phones (for MONTHS now).

I've already given it a date - Jan 1, 2020. If my phone does not get AT LEAST Android 9.0, then I am forced to switch carriers. 9.0 was released in March 2019, 10.0 is out now too.

I mean, y'all can't even give us a release date. Do you really, honestly, and truly, have people working on this???

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