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Unlock LGv40


Unlock LGv40

Thank you for your help so far.  After 1 day my wifes phone was unlocked however when mine was submitted a 5 was left out so I got turned down for not having the correct ESN.  When I requested via PM to resubmit with the correct information you guys helped me and I received an email a short time later saying "  Letting you know your LG V40 ThinQ on line 217xxxxxxx has been submitted for unlocking. Please leave it powered on with the Sprint SIM card inserted. There are steps to take on the phone. "


I did that however 2 days later mine was still locked.  At the time it had the sim in and on wifi but not active on the network. (My wifes was and is active on the network).  I have now activated my phone on the network and it is on wifi (I have a new number from when I started trying to get the unlock sent but this is the same device). I have the case id's of when I have talked to CS and the one from the unlock email.  When I called in tonight I was told the device is shown as unlocked and he couldnt do anything so he transfered me to tech support.  they had me power cycle the phone and tap on uicc but never took my imei so i am sceptical if anything is being done.  Would you please help.  Thank you for getting my wifes unlocked can you help me its been 5 days and a lot of time.
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Re: Unlock LGv40

I'm going to need to review the account to figure out what's going on. I'm going to send you a private message to get your account information.





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Re: Unlock LGv40

After being told on the phone both my phones were unlocked, which on the device they were not.  I got emails saying sprint would unlock them.  I had to pay my bill for the month for this to happen, so I did.  My wifes phone unlocked mine did not.  Both phones were on wifi with sprint SIM cards.  Hers was active mine was not.  So I reactivated my phone under a new number and requested sprint to send the unlock again.  CS on phone said he showed it as unlocked and could not help.  He transferred me to tech support.  They wasted another half hour of our time having me restart the phone and insert another carriers sim to see if that would work.  As if it would change to unlocked by magic.  I tried it, the phone still says locked to sprint sim, under uicc lock in system updates.  Now I am told it is not eligible for unlock until the 50 days are up even though they show it as unlocked.  I have emails saying they would unlock it.  I have been told to do a factory reset.  I did.  I have been told to wait 2 days.  I did.  I was told to tell the carrier I was wanting to use it under (cricket) had to marry the sim to the phone.  This is not true.  When you research online these are all the same tactics sprint has been using with everyone. 


Had sprint told me on my initial call the phones were locked I would have understood and sold mine on ebay and bought one that was unlocked.  Instead they have given me and many others the run around.  Its hard to believe they treat customers like this.  I still have 3 lines with them.  Hopefully this updates anyone who has tried to help or viewed my post.  At least by posting on the community they unlocked my wifes phone I dont understand why sprint wont unlock mine seems like a company should stand by what you have been told they will do.  Even though I have it an email.  Maybe they will unlock it in 50 days but with my experience with them so far I will be surprised to see them stand by there word.  I will post back here if something changes. 

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