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ECOtality has Big Dreams for its Blink Network

One of the biggest challenges facing us today is how to create a cleaner, greener and more efficiently powered world. And for ECOtality, that challenge is what drives the company as it strives to improve electrical efficiency and enhance how we store and deliver energy. Accordingly, ECOtality has emerged as a specialist in transportation and storage technologies, focusing on electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Through its customer-facing brand of charging stations, called Blink, which is found nationwide, businesses and individuals are able to safely and efficiently charge their electric vehicles at the lowest utility rates.

Whether its Flying Cars or M2M Solutions, Sprint Keynote Speaker Encourages Businesses to Foster Inn...

When Paget Alves, chief sales officer for Sprint Business, read an article in a magazine recently about Terrafugia's flying car, he immediately thought this represented the ultimate leap of ingenuity on business.

M2M Technology Paving Way for Wireless Telehealth in Healthcare Industry

With places like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King becoming as ubiquitous as supermarkets, it is no surprise that obesity and high blood pressure have become critical adversaries for companies all over the world to attack.

MiX Telematics Adds MiX Fleet iPhone App to Mobile Suite

Customers will be able to track and monitor their fleets using tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. MiX Fleet is also compatible with smartphone and tablet technology and can deliver vehicle tracking to fleet operators.

The City of Columbia Selects Spirit as IT Sponsor for its Inaugural Marathon

Having not held a marathon since the Women's US Olympic Team Trials in 2000, the City of Columbia is gearing up for its first marathon in 12 years and Spirit Communications, provider of voice, data and Internet services to businesses in South Carolina, including the state agencies of South Carolina, has been named the Information and Technology Sponsor of the inaugural Columbia SC Marathon.

Audiovox Introduces 'Car Connection' and 'Care Connection' Location Based Services Systems

Apart from letting users call or text their friends and family members, telecommunications devices have now been offering unprecedented services to them, leveraging their existing wireless networks through innovative products and solutions.

Pacific Controls Galaxy: The City Center for Mobile Embedded M2M Ecosystems

There is no denying that embedded machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions are becoming increasingly pervasive. It is also clear that enabling mobile operators to profit from this M2M proliferation through an active role in robust ecosystems is critical to industry success. Pacific Controls, a leading global provider of embedded M2M solutions is already showing the value that can be delivered through such ecosystems which leverage the assets and expertise of mobile partners.

Sprint Partner News: Trimble to Supply Information Management Solutions to U.S. Sugar Corporation

Trimble, a provider of technology solutions for surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping, announced that it will supply information management solutions to U.S. Sugar Corporation, a fully integrated producer of sugar cane and refined sugar.

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