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9016 text on iPhone 4s


9016 text on iPhone 4s

I keep recieving a text from 9016 on my iPhone 4s that is something like this:

//ANDRIOD:${from} has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. Call ${callbackno} to listen. CFGs1840.0=10ff28d4223db9c1ea61rVzvwSdH//CM

I get TONS of these texts. I have called sprint numerous times and they have tried to block the number, but it doesn't work. I have gone into the store for help but they aren't finding any answers either. I have called Apple to find out if there is something wrong with my Visual Voicemail.

Nothing has helped.

Any other suggestions?


Re: 9016 text on iPhone 4s

I have been dealing with the same issue. I've made numerous phone calls and spent 3 hours at one of Sprints corporate tech support centers. The last tech told me to call Sprint support and ask for a CTMS ticket to get the network engineers to work on it. If they find a solution I'll post it here. They did tell me it is something on Sprints end and nothing with the phone. They told me that Blackberry customers that switched from an android phone had this same issue. Good Luck.

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