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9230 and Msg 2127


9230 and Msg 2127

I have received the following message almost every day since late February, including days when I have not sent out any text messages to anyone.

Message sent to invalid destination. Please check your number and try again. Msg 2127

It appears to come from 9230. It's getting very annoying.

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9230 and Msg 2127

The 9230 is the short code number the network sends from sending the error back to device...if you are still getting error when have not recently sent any texts could still be from network trying to send previously sent messages...usually the 2127 invlaid destination please check your number and try agian could be if number sending to has text blocked, a network issue, or not sending to a full 10 digit phone number...if you are sending text to a contact in your phone make sure contact saved has all 10 digits with area code save and also in contact make sure saved as a mobile number and not a home number...hope this helps...if still having issues sending to all phone numbers will need to contact sprint at 888-211-4727 and speak with tech support

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