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Cannot download text messages...


Cannot download text messages...

Hey anybody happen to know what is wrong with this I already called customer support, went to a sprint store, and nothing has worked.

When I receive a text message I will get this square kind of like this [] and sometimes i wont be able to download the actual txt... sometimes my phone wont send the txt to the recipient i have chosen. I have the motorola i1 and its being doing this for a while now...I have done a master reset, removed the battery, change location, and the phone keeps doing this. Help please...


Re: Cannot download text messages...

I contacted the Messaging Product Manager about this but she's out until next year.  Sounds like a bug in your phone to me.  Has messaging ever worked?  What did the folks at the Store tell you to do?  Not sure if it'll do anything, but update the firmware on the phone too if you haven't already.


Re: Cannot download text messages...

Yes the phone has been working with the text messaging, the only thing is that like 4 out of 5 txts that i receive i cannot read them. And also some i can never send them. The guys at the store said that the phone should be good with a master reset but it worked for like 3 hours and then it stopped. I dont know what it might be but its really annoying.

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