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Cannot open ZipWhip


Cannot open ZipWhip

I am trying to open up the zipwhip page, but when I do...the only thing that appears on the screen is the header. Anyone run into this, and if so, was it able to be fixed? -Thank you, Chrissy

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Re: Cannot open ZipWhip

If I have a question, who do I contact?


  • To access Sprint Web Texter - Powered by ZipWhip:
    1. Log on to
    2. Click Digital Lounge tab.
    3. Click Messaging.
    4. On the right side of page click Try the text messenger.
    5. Enter 10-digit phone number in To field to begin text.
  • Support and feedback for application:
    1. Direct the customer to the Sprint Web Texter.
    2. In the upper left corner have the customer click the orange Z.
    3. Click Support.
    4. Complete form

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