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Dear Sprint and Dan H.,

     I must say after switching from T-mobile 3 months ago, I have been nothing but disappointed, first the sales guy lied completely to us, and screwed us so much we almost had to pay $500 for the first 2 months of having the phones which SUPPOSEDLY was cheaper than our T-mobile bill.  Not so much, and everytime I call customer service they don't listen to a word I say, all I hear is "WE WANT TO HELP YOU", yet all you do is have your customer service reps, talk NON-STOP, so we can't say anything so you don't have to help us in return. And can I please talk to someone from America, it's nothing personal, but i'm home grown, and I like my customer service the same way.

     Next I find out that I can't check my old text message numbers sent or recieved on my bill.  T-mobile and I think every other cell phone company does this, so since you don't keep track of them I firmly believe you need to stop charging EVERY CUSTOMER you have for text messaging services of any kind, and allow it to be a free service.  You keep track of them somehow on our bill unlimited messages or not, it shows up in the message count, I think we should be able to see them as well especially if our kids have cell phones. 

     So for a CUSTOMER ORIENTED company, I give you a 0.1 out of 5 stars, yes that is a 0.1 out of 5 stars. I will say the only thing I have liked so far, is that my cell phone service has been fairly consistent and I haven't dropped any calls.  And the only reason we haven't canceled service is because you charge me $200 A LINE even if you screw the customer over. Personally I would be glad to leave if you would forfeit the $200 a line.


Re: Disappointed

We apologize for your dissatisfaction.  We actually DO care about our customers being happy with our service.  I'm more than happy to take a look at your account if there are any outstanding issues that haven't been addressed.  By clicking on my avatar, you can private message me, I will need your name and Sprint phone number. 

As for the text messaging detail, Sprint views this as customer information and is considered private.  I understand a parents need to want to monitor their children's usage and we have ways of limiting and blocking text messages.  If it's texting to vote on American Idol, or chatting, or getting ringers for your phone, we display this type of content, otherwise known as short code Premium Messaging, when it's financially impacting.  But a text message to or from a 10 digit mobile number is considered a personal text message and not shown in the billing detail.

Again, we apologize for your frustration, and feel free to contact me anytime. 


Sprint Advanced Technical Support

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