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EVO text message issues after time change today


EVO text message issues after time change today

My wife and I both have the HTC EVO.  About 2 weeks ago she started getting multiple text messages, sometimes up to 15 times of the same text.  This only happens while she is at work and the phone acts normally while she is at home.  Last weekend we were on the freeway and passed the exit she takes to go to work and while we were in the area, she received duplicate text messages of a text she received 2 hours prior.  Could this be a cell tower issue?  I occationally will receive a duplicate text on my EVO, but never the amount she is getting.  She is very frustrated and is about the put the phone in the garbage.  I am not familiar with Airave.  Does she need to log into our sprint account and change a setting?  Can someone please help, she is about to go crazy.


EVO text message issues after time change today

Sounds like this is possibly a phone issue. It may be good to take the phone to a corporate store that has a repair center and have them test it. I am thinking a software glitch but I am no expert. You can find a corporate store by using the find a store link across the top of the page from anywhere within the website including the forums. Click that link and enter your information and check the box beside repair center. When the list of stores comes up the corporate stores are identified using only Sprint Store. The third party stores will have something such as Sprint Store by... (e.g. Sprint Store by iWireless). You may also wish to post this issue as a new discussion in the Technical support section of the forums as someone there may be able to help find out if it is indeed a tower issue. But by theory if yours is not dioing in the same area as hers then most likely it is an issue within her phone! Hope this helps

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