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The best way to descibe this problem is to simply go read this thread over at XDA. It is such a long process and I've already typed it once. Also here is my email to dan Hesse:

Mr. Dan Hesse,

                I realize that this most likely will not be Mr. Hesse reading this message but I want to be extremely formal with the hope that your guys will ACTUALLY fix my problem and not put it on the backburner like you customer service has done for a month. There is a bug in the text messaging server that is causing my phone to get the wrong time stamps for messages causing all my text messages to be all out of order. I contacted the Sprint advanced technical support about a month ago with this problem and they had me do a hard reset and a provisioning reset. After that didn’t work they told me to go into my local Sprint store, Lafayette, IN Grant Communications. They were very helpful but just didn’t understand what they could do with the problem but they promised me they would send it through to their “main” Sprint guy. After hearing nothing for a week, I called advanced technical support again, who had no record of me calling the first time, and explained the problem again. They told me they would contact a Network engineer and they got a ticket going for me. I got the ticket number but when I called back about two days later to check on the issue, they had no knowledge of the ticket number or me even calling in a second time. Furious with them, I hung up because they said I would just have to live with it, and walked back into my local store. They could do absolutely nothing either but assured me that I was not the only one with the problem. Apparently after I walked out the first time, a bunch of people with Androids came in with the same text message time stamp issue. They said they would try everything in their power to escalate the situation but it’s been about 2 weeks and I have heard nothing. I have found and started some threads on the issue. You have to understand that texting has become one of the most important things on phones and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work perfectly on your network considering the amount of money my father gives to you each month. He has even been talking about cancelling our contract with you guys and heading over to Verizon or ATT considering they do a better job of customer service and keeping phones updated. I am starting to see why Sprint’s stock has been suffering so bad over the last couple of months. You guys need a much better quality control system and I have a good deal of ideas that could help. I have my Evo4g completely updated to all the latest everything. Here are some links on the threads I have already started. My area code is 317. Let me know if you need any other information.

Some one please help me from Sprint. You are welcome to get a hold of me too.

<removed email address - please don't post personal information, including contact information>

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317 is an Indiana areacode.  I don't know if this applies to you but it may given IN borders with the CST.  There's a known problem with inaccurate SMS timestamps when a switch services cell sites in other time zones.  Please see



Well I bitched so much they gave me a brand new 004 hardware white EVO. I did have to deal with Sprint about 3 times a week for about 4 weeks until they gave me what I wanted. Everything started working though right before they gave me the new phone I guess that is how things works. And no text messages shouldn't have this problem no matter which service you are with. It has to do something with android and the network towers because people have been complaining a lot about different things.

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