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Horrible Service


Horrible Service

I am in Goshen, Ohio, my husband works in Tri County, springdale, Ohio.....It is taking forever for us to send and receive texts. I get his sometimes 5 mins later, mine always take several minutes to reach him.....Data is slow also.......someone needs to look at this!


Re: Horrible Service

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can I have your cross street   and zipcode info so that I can check if there is any reported outage going on at your location?



Re: Horrible Service

I have had this kind of service in CHICAGO for 6 months.

I am working to find out how this situation can come to a conclusion.

At this point, I have been offered token discounts - while I keep paying and my 3 family phones do not work in the 5 mile are where we live.

I joined this forum and found out there are thousands just like me.

The entire expereince has been very deceitful.

I would not let this situation fester very long.

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