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How do you retrieve old text messages?

How do you retrieve old text messages?

Last week I upgraded from an EVO 4G to a Samsung Galay S III.  I bought the phone on line and took it into my nearest Sprint store to activate.

When i wennt from the HTC Hero to the EVO 4G, I did it in the Best Buy store & they migrated my test messages for me, but hte peopel in the Sprint store said that was impossible. 

Does anyone know how that might be possible?  Even if I could just get them from the phone to my long as I can save them


Re: How do you retrieve old text messages?


There are not too many options when trying to migrate text messages in some cases. You can retrieve text messages if you are on a Microsoft Exchange server (usually only for business users).

Your best bet may be a 3rd party application from the Play Store. You can still get internet connection from your old phone if you can get it connected to WiFi, download an app that saved SMS messages to the SD card and then put the SD card in the new phone. It's possible this is how Best Buy did it.

Hop this helps.



Re: How do you retrieve old text messages?

can you suggest a 3rd party app tht has worked?  I'm willing to buy it.


Re: How do you retrieve old text messages?


For an android device, SMS Backup and Restore will work. Only the text itself will save. Not any attachments like pictures or video. Another is Message Sync. It will also backup the attachements. I prefer the former as it can be scheduled to run daily and it allows for non-destructive restore (merging). Good day.

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