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Itemized Phone Usage on Bill


Itemized Phone Usage on Bill

There is no difference between receiveing a message via voice or via TXT.  If a number contacts your phone either way - the individual paying the bill is responsible.

Please do more research and start itemizing calls that are being placed on "our" bill via TXT.  Your competitors VERIZON, AT&T both state SPRINT/NEXTEL are just not doing it because they dont want to.  If an itemization is requested by the party responsible for the bill, then itemization must be supplied.

AGAIN, A phone call itemized or a text itemized there is NO DIFFERENCE.  The only difference is the format usesd.

QUESTION: When will sprint/Nextel be itemizing the bill in regard to texting.  I will in the next week contact the ATTY GENERAL and ask if we are getting the "run-around" or are we entitled to have a breakdown of exactly what it is we are paying for, when requested. I will try to submit an update with what the ATTY GENERAL'S comments are. - good luck all!

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