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MMS Character Limit?


MMS Character Limit?

What is the character limit when sending a MMS to someone? Is there a limit like there is for a SMS with the 160 character limit? I can send the same thing via SMS but it would be broken up into mulitple messages per way I configured Handcent SMS to do so but I rather just send as one message. I would just attach a 5x5 pixel (so my EVO converts the SMS to a MMS) with a file size of about 4 KB with the text. So I'm wondering is there a character limit. On my BlackBerry I believe it was a 1,000 character limit for MMS. By the way, I have an EVO 4G. And could any phone receive a long MMS that's text based wether it be a messaging phone, feature phone or smartphone?


Re: MMS Character Limit?

There really isnt a character limit on MMS, but if I am not mistaken after it fills 160 characters it will start a new text message. So depending how long the message is it may break it down to several text.

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