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No MMS messages will go through


No MMS messages will go through

I have an HTC evo, and lately, no mms messages will work. it will allow me to press "download" but then it will get stuck at "downloading" status until i delete it.

in addition to this happening with the stock Messaging application, no other sms applications will work either.



No MMS messages will go through

i was having the same problem. are you using a different txting app than the one that came with the evo. I tried sending a pic with go sms, did not work. so i used the stock program and it worked. hope this helps!


No MMS messages will go through

I had this same problem with my htc EVO shift I fixed it by going in to messages, click menu, settings,multimedia messages (MMS) connection settings. settings should be

name: anything you want it to be

MMSC: (this is for sprint yours may differ)

MMS proxy: no setting

MMS port: no setting

MMS protocol: wap 2.0

if MMS proxy & MMS port have anything in them,click on them & delete the info in both fields this should cause both fields to read no setting. Now hit the back button and enter back into multimedia messages (MMS) and make sure it saved it as no setting if so then exit out to main screen and the restart your phone. it took me 3 weeks to figure this out. what is happening is the phone when on wifi uses these setting to connect to the server when not in wifi the phone uses 3g well the settings don't reset to no setting and the phone trys to use both settings and faults out Generic Network Faliure. anyways hope this helps.


No MMS messages will go through

This worked like a charm, thanks for the instructions SMYLFKR. And to anyone else needing to do this don't forget to RESTART.

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