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Not receiving SMS. I can send SMS to non-iPhone. I can call and can receive iMessages fine.


Not receiving SMS. I can send SMS to non-iPhone. I can call and can receive iMessages fine.

I'm not receiving SMS. I can send SMS to non-iPhones and they receive them. I can also call and can receive iMessages fine.


Any ideas?


Sprint BYOD service

iPhone XR


Are you having any issues with MMS? Are you using the stock messaging app on the phone, or a 3rd party app? Have you been able to check your online account to ensure that there aren't any features blocked?







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It's an iPhone XR, so there's only one SMS app - Apple's Messages. Again, I can send iMessages, SMS to Android people and they receive them, but I don't receive SMS texts (green, non-iMessage) at all.


Hmm.. Can you shut off iMessage for me? Have someone that usually sends SMS to you, and have them send a test text please? Let us know if this works or doesn't. 

Yes. Just tested this and got texts from my wife. Strangely, I can’t get messages from Google Voice, but my wife receives the SMS texts I send from Google Voice through a browser even though she also has an iPhone. Seems weird that I get some SMS with iMessage turned off, but not others. Ideas?

You phone number is still registered with Google Voice? This could be why you are experiencing these issues. 


No. I have another number in Google Voice that I’m using to text to my Sprint number.

I received some SMS on Monday and, without changing any setting, stopped receiving SMS sometime since then. Weird, right?

Okay that makes since. Sounds like we might have to do a ticket. Send me a PM so we can get this started. 

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