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Other party receiving scrambled text messages? Help!


Other party receiving scrambled text messages? Help!


My boyfriend is from T-Mobile with an iPhone (1st generation). I have an iPhone 4g from Sprint.

We send each other "essay" type messages. So each message we type is cut into 12 different text messages. 2000/160 characters... If that makes sense.. My boyfriend receives my texts to him all scrambled. Like text message #1 is not first but is somewhere in the middle of the 12 different texts. (I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to explain this because people don't usually text 12 messages at once.... Hahahah)

We tried sending the same text to his brother's phone, iPhone 3g (T-Mobile), and we had the same problem... Scrambled texts.. Then I sent it to my sister's phone (Also with Sprint), HTC 4g Evo and it was still scrambled!! I do not receive the text messages all scrambled, however...

I'm just wondering... Is it Sprint or T-mobile? I don't think it's the phone....

(I realize most people don't send texts this way... But I'm sure sometimes your texts could be 2 or 3 text messages long. Does anyone else have this problem???


Re: Other party receiving scrambled text messages? Help!

Hello.  A text message is intended to be a single message with up to 160 characters.  Newer software on phones allows some phones to continue the text into a second message making the character limit virtually void.  However, the messaging gateway that delivers these 12 messages receives them all at once, but as individual messages meaning all 12 messages have the same time stamp down to the second and the gateway service cannot see the 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, etc.  This creates no specific priority for the multiple texts and they can be delivered out of order.  We recommend sending an email instead. 

Tom Deaver

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