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Question about


Question about

So today I got a text from number "9000" saying Free msg sending photos/videos.   but I don't got picturemail on my plan and I block all pictures so I can't view them on phone. My friend recently sent me pics but I block them on phone and cant see them, would I get charged if I look at them on

Thanks in advance need to know (I'de be looking at them on computers internet not phones cause I don't got that)

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Question about

Nope, You will not be charged for visiting your picmail account page from your PC to view you pics.


Question about

Thanks so much I was worried, they charge so much if you don't got plan. Its a handy free service then if you don't got picture mail.

Re: Question about

Normally if you do not have picture mail on your account, you will not be able to view pictures on

Must have Picture Mail feature to access Sprint Picture Mail Web site.


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