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     just ordered my new Verizion phone -- I cant deal with sprint and there SMS errors.   I know i cant be the only one having the problem? I get a Network error and sprint sent the same message 12 or 13 times.  When I try to send a sms text I get a red x with error message  sms  error 3 network problems. I have tried all the alternatives, soft reset  re-registering in the host routing table

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SMS - [...]

You didn't mention if you did any official troubleshooting - ie  service books, clearing the log file, having tech support check the bulk message gateway and the intercarrier message gateway for error messages  etc. You stated tried all of the alternatives but it doesn't sound like there was proper troubleshooting. If you call in ask for technical support and someone can walk you through steps to fix this issue. Text messaging is really easy to narrow down as to where the bottle neck is and fixing it.


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