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Send a text message to a landline


Send a text message to a landline

How do I disable text-to-landline? This came as a horrible surprise when texting to a distribution list.


Re: Send a text message to a landline

I also accidentally agreed to a "free trial" of the Text-To-Land Line service. (Those darn slippery touch screens....) I called sprint customer service and ws told that I can not unsubscribe or opt-out of the free trial for the next 30 days. But after that they said I should be able to unsubscribe.

SPRINT, Please Fix This! Please look into adding an option to opt-out of theText-To-Land Line free trial for those of us who, at any point durring those 30 days, decide we do not want it. A feature like this is not a good feature if you can't opt out when it does not work for your needs. I am accidentally spamming my customers phones and voicemail any time I mistakenly text to their landline instead of their cell phone. Surprisingly, I have found this to be an easy mistake to make.

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