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Send a text message to a landline


Send a text message to a landline


I wanted to try out the text message to landline service.  After reading the online instructions, I sent a text message to the 10-digit landline.  Instead of the landline getting a phone call with the message converted to text, I got back a text message.  It said:

"8353:  Your message was addressed to a landline #713-xxx-xxxx.  Send msgs to a landline # using Sprint's Text to Landline service! Std rates apply."

I thought I was using the "Sprint Text to Landline service," as I was following the support entry found at:

- - - -

How this came up was when I placed a taxi cab order with Flash Cabs in Chicago, IL.  In the online form, they ask for your phone number.  During the hours of 7AM - 7PM M-F, I give them my home phone instead of my cel phone number.  This is because my minutes are active during that time frame.  They call you when the taxi arrives.

Later on in the ordering process, they offer to send text messages with updates (e.g. dispatch, expected arrival time, arrival, delays, etc).  I really like the idea of the messages, but not the using of my minutes.  It was then I thought a really cool feature would be text to landline numbers.


Re: Send a text message to a landline

Hmm, I just tried this twice with a VoIP phone number and it worked just fine both when I picked up the phone and when I let it go to voicemail.  Each time I got a text back saying that my message was successfully delivered.  You may want to try this with a different landline number and call Care (*2 from your phone) if you're still not getting the "successfully delivered" text back.


Send a text message to a landline

I sent a message to my son's Verizon cell and I got the message "8353: your message was successfully delivered to a person at 936-xxx-xxxx Thanks for using Text to Landline!" This is crazy since I didn't text to a landline.


Send a text message to a landline

I checked with the Enterprise Messaging Product Manager on this.  There are three lookups done when a message is sent.  A number is checked by Sprint to see if it's a Sprint PTN.  If not, it's sent to an intercarrier vendor that checks the central repository for wireless numbers.  If it's not coming up as a wireless number, they send it to the place that maintains the central repository for wireline numbers.  So unless it is improperly categorized as wireline it wouldn’t be delivered that way.

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