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Short code messaging block


Short code messaging block

Are you getting an error when trying to send a text message to a number that's less than 10 digits?  It's called a short code premium text message and it may be blocked on your account.  To resolve this, first try sending a text message to 9999 with "allow (insert short code such as 50525)" in the body of the text.  You should receive a message back with "SprintFreeMsg: Text messages to and from "50525" are now allowed."  Click the 9999 link for more features available with Sprint's Self Service Messaging Block List. 

If you're still having trouble, you can private message me by clicking on my avatar, and clicking the Send a private messsage link on the right.  You can also send private messages to raylitherland67, abe2020, OKIESTRO, and Shane_M by clicking Your Stuff - Private Messages - Compose Message. 

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