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Sprint Text Short Codes

Sprint Text Short Codes

Sprint uses a few different 4-digit short codes for free messages and self-service account management. Below is a list of some of the short codes, I will try and keep this updated as new codes are added/removed for use.

9099 - Sprint Free Msg

This code is the default used by Sprint to communicate information about an account.

9999 - Block Text

This code allows you to block/unblock text messaging to specific numbers. You can text HELP to get a full list of commands. LIST will give you a list of currently blocked numbers. BLOCK (then the number) or UNBLOCK will allow you to add/remove numbers from your block list.

9000 - Picture Mail

This is the short code used for picture messages on older or simpler phones that do not support full MMS.

1311 - Usage and Upgrade Eligibility

This short code allows you to request your upgrade eligibility and current usage information (minutes, text and data). Text UPGRADE or USAGE.


Sprint Text Short Codes

8989 - Opt Out of SMS Messages

Send a text message to this short code with the words "end all" in the message and you will get a reply that you are removed from Sprint's SMS Message List


Sprint Text Short Codes

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