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Sprint Text Short Codes


Sprint Text Short Codes

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Sprint Text Short Codes

8989 - Opt Out of SMS Messages

Send a text message to this short code with the words "end all" in the message and you will get a reply that you are removed from Sprint's SMS Message List

Sprint Text Short Codes

Sprint uses a few different 4-digit short codes for free messages and self-service account management. Below is a list of some of the short codes, I will try and keep this updated as new codes are added/removed for use.

9099 - Sprint Free Msg

This code is the default used by Sprint to communicate information about an account.

9999 - Block Text

This code allows you to block/unblock text messaging to specific numbers. You can text HELP to get a full list of commands. LIST will give you a list of currently blocked numbers. BLOCK (then the number) or UNBLOCK will allow you to add/remove numbers from your block list.

9000 - Picture Mail

This is the short code used for picture messages on older or simpler phones that do not support full MMS.

1311 - Usage and Upgrade Eligibility

This short code allows you to request your upgrade eligibility and current usage information (minutes, text and data). Text UPGRADE or USAGE.