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Text Message Logs?


Text Message Logs?

  I can see my call log details.  Is there a way to see where text messages are going?


Text Message Logs?

For those of you who have questions about retrieving text messages, please see the following article:

Probably not what you were hoping a nutshell, the content  of the message CANNOT be retrieved but message detail (send/receive and  date/time information) can be requested.

Sprint Phones
If you are the account holder or authorized  contact for your business account, you can request text message details  (date, time and phone number) for any line on your account for the  previous 90 days.

To obtain text message details, please  contact Sprint Corporate Security at (800) 877-7330 and choose option 3  for Historic Records Requests. They will send you a form to complete,  notarize and return to us. The text messaging details you request will  be sent once we receive your notarized form.

If your request  is related to a civil or criminal legal matter, your attorney can submit  a subpoena for the information on your behalf.

Hope this helps


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