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Texting between sprint and blackberry


Texting between sprint and blackberry

Hi has anyone ever encounter a problem with the recipiant of a blackberry phone not a sprint user, not receving text that you send from your own sprint provider samsung nexus phone? 

I may get a text from this blackberry user but when i send back he never gets it, both my husband and i have the same phone and this happens to both of us.  However, my niece has our same phone and can communicate with this person who has the backberry via text with no problems.  She is in a different state than us also.  Any ideas?


Re: Texting between sprint and blackberry

Hi SussexCounty,

Thanks so much for reaching out to Sprint via this Community post in reference to an issues with sending text messages. I understand you are encountering an issues with sending text message to a specific user. To best determine a resolution I few question to ask. How long have your been experiencing this issues? Have you ever requested to have that user blocked from being able to send you text message in the past? Also, do you know who the other users service subscriber is? The issue may not be limited to their device type but it may be more related to actual service provider.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Yahkie W.

Sprint Social Care Team

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